12 April 2007

Record and Save Audio Using Java

Step 1:
First Read The Audio From MicroPhone

int cnt = targetDataLine.read( tempBuffer,0, tempBuffer.length);

Step 2:
Save data in output stream

byteArrayOutputStream.write(tempBuffer, 0, cnt);

Step 3:
Get the saved data into a byte array object.

byte audioData[]=byteArrayOutputStream.toByteArray();

Step 4:
Get an input stream on the byte array containing the data

InputStream byteArrayInputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(audioData);
AudioFormat audioFormat = getAudioFormat();
audioInputStream =new AudioInputStream(byteArrayInputStream,audioFormat,

Step 5: Save To File

if (AudioSystem.isFileTypeSupported(AudioFileFormat.Type.AU,
audioInputStream)) {
AudioSystem.write(audioInputStream, AudioFileFormat.Type.AU, file);

Note :If U want Full Source Code for This One then Download the Java File